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Welcome to Vital Resorts Poland

 ...An exceptional place for exceptional guests...

  ...Try to close your eyes and imagine a place where you are surrounded by beautiful garden with lucious fruits at your fingertips, branches bending full of cranberries, squirrels looking into the windows and where you can hear birds singing... Can You hear the sound of the sea? This is Oasis - an exceptional place especially created with the thought of you - a person searching for luxury and unlimited calm while in the beautiful area of the Polish sea side...

OASIS is a picturesque place located just next to the sea. The resort is a comfortably restored, antique building with a beautiful seaside view. At the heart of our place is a splendid garden with a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Oasis Resort & Spa
ul. Klifowa 34
72-344 Rewal

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