Chef recommends

Restaurant with sea view – delicious dishes from fresh fish, exquisite meat dishes prepared on Polish, Thai and Mediterranean art

We honoured the most exquisite dishes in the menu with the "Chef recommends" annotation. Created especially for those who are not looking only for exceptional dishes, but are also open for new culinary experiences. Delicious dishes prepared by our Thai and Polish chefs from fresh fish, vegetables and meat with an addition of oriental spices and herbs that will satisfy the tastes of those looking for sublime tastes.

Fish soup (Tom Yam)  - an aromatic fish soup with an addition of oriental spices. Not only For Thai kitchen lovers. Dish lightly spicy.
Fried chicken in wok - a dish that has its own lovers. Fresh vegetables, cashew nuts, delicate meats and of course the magic of oriental spices - the best combination.
Tempura salad - an Asian feast for the palate... the crispy battered vegetables and the sweet chilli sauce magnificently complete the flavour of the salad.
Tom Kha Kai - a lightly spicy chicken soup on coconut milk basis, with a wonderful exotic aroma.
Rice noodles fried in wok with chicken and vegetables - delicate pasta in oriental style, with a mix of soya and oyster sauce
Cream Brulee according to the original French recipe - an effective dessert created to charm the palates of our guests. Its lovers argue until today what’s the best thing about it: the creamy, ideally velvet consistency, or rather only the way it tastes which is given by the vanilla seeds. You can decide yourself.