Our menu

Exceptional cuisine with Polish and oriental taste

Our resort is famous for its delicious Thai and European cooking along with Polish kitchen recipes. Our restaurant and the served dishes draw gourmets from all over Poland. Each dish has already its own lovers who are willing to travel many kilometers only to enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes while watching the Polish side of the Baltic Sea during their break. In our menu two cultures are crossing over themselves, and you may taste the best from both of them.

We offer delicious soups (among other the traditional fermented rye flour soup, and the Tom Yam - fish soup), a wide variety on meat prepared on European and Thai art (beginning with a classical pork chop and ending on the chicken Satay) and fish dishes, that you won‛t find anywhere else on the whole Baltic coast.
As for our Polish dishes, our restaurant offers starters like Żurek, main courses like Bigos, Pierogi and Kotlet schabowy for the Polish cuisine lovers.

Sweet lovers will be tempted with a sweet moment by our wide variety on desserts and the aroma of hot, delicious coffee.
After an exceptional meal you are invited to taste one of our cocktails. A well supplied bar allows everyone to find something for themselves. The well skilled personnel help you out with your choice and recommends our specialties.