Special Occasions

Choosing the best for a special occasion is not an easy thing. However, we made it easier for you with one of the below pre-made offers to ensure that you will enjoy your Polish sea side break to the most

Romantic stay

In an unique atmosphere... an very good idea to spend a few romantic moments together or to celebrate a special occasion. The voucher covers: a bottle of french champagne and a flower bouquet.


Culinary experiences

Experience the true tastes of our kitchen. Create your own menu from soups or salads, main course and desserts. Enjoy our well-chosen wine, in candlelight, with a view at the gorgeous sea at the horizon.


A romantic dinner for two

An unique opportunity, an unforgettable night with romantic sea view and a special 4-course meal a‛la carte for two, a bottle of french sparkling wine and a bottle of mineral water.


Thai special

An unique opportunity to enjoy the Thai kitchen at the Polish coast. Experience a variety of 5 exotic aroma and delicious experiences, prepared by our Thai chef. The voucher for 2 people covers a tasting session, a bottle of house wine (red or white) and a bottle of mineral water.


Birthday, wedding or other opportunities

Birthday, wedding or other opportunities? Our gift card would be a great surprise and a beautiful gift for the person, thats especially close to your heart. The gift card covers: a bottle of sparkling wine and a home-made gadeau.