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Świeradów Zdrój - a beautiful place in the Izera mountains conceals many gorgeous gems of architecture... Just by the spa park, you will find one of the first resorts built in XIX centurey - today‛s „Villa Vital". The resort was named „Bergfrieden" just until 1945 and belonged to the Mossier family. Since then on the ground floor located is a gorgeous, cameral Villa Vital restaurant, which greets its guests with an unforgettable, original cooking.


The restaurant lead under the watchful eye of our chef, meets the expectations of all gourmets. Unusual flavours of the dishes, even of those well known already to everybody, are the secret of our chef. Leading the Villa Vital restaurant - Świeradów Zdrój you can not remember about the delicious Silesian cooking, which dishes you may also find in our menu.


The menu of our Villa Vital restaurant - Świeradów Zdrój has various options: you will find Thai, Oriental, European and... best known to us - Silesian tastes in it...


The Polish bigos from specially pickled sauerkraut by the local householder or the typical Silesian roulade served with red cabbage will let you get to know typical tastes of Lower Silesia. Our Thai chef wants also to acquintance you with his Thai cooking: chicken satay served with a nutty sauce and jasmine rice or the Thai fish soup Tom-Yam are just a small part of the Asian tastes of our Villa Vital restaurant in Świeradów Zdrój.


Ordering the so called Thai Special you can find the whole palate of Thai flavours.The Thai Special is a specially selected set consisting of two uncommon starters and unique main dishes, in which you will find all of Thailands flavours.


The fullfilment of the culinary performance are the exceptional desserts composed by our chef. The in pastry baked banana with caramel sauce or the lemon sorbet served on fruit carpaccio will allow you to find a piece of heaven... here... in the Villa Vital restaurant in Świeradów Zdrój.


Our  Villa Vital restaurant possesses also a fire place created with though of your comfort and relaxation. Comfortable sofas, candlelight, fire blazing from the fire place and home made mulled wine with aromatic spices and oranges ensure, that the time spend in our restaurant will let you completely relax and forget about the surrounding reality.


Subdued, modern decorations, completed with warm accents and a nice and friendly service, that will prepare for you unforgettable coctails, delicious and aromatic coffee and helps you select the perfect wine for you, which will make the time spend in our Villa Vital restaurant unforgettable.


Silesian, Tahi and international cooking - Villa Vital restaurant - Świeradów Zdrój welcomes you.


Breakfast buffet served between 8:00 and 10:30.

3-course meal a ‛la carte served from 13:00 until 20:00.

Our restaurant is open for all Villa Vital guests as well as guests from outside from 13:00 till the last guest. Warm dishes are being served till 20:00.

We welcome you all!

Villa Vital restaurant in Świeradów Zdrój
Żeromskiego 2 Street

Table reservations can be made unter the telephone number: 0048 75-78-16-300

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