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In our offer we extracted the treatments with a typical healing effect - manual therapies.
Therapy is a physiotherapy technique, that is based on supporting the healing of traffic organs, especially the of the spin and joints. The purpose of the treatment is to lessen the pain and restore the mobility in the blocked parts of  the spine or joints. This is a safe massage method performed by our trained staff, it helps reduce problems with which our body fights.

Dorn therapy method
and Breuss massage

Dry massage with a manual therapy (Osteopatia)

Price: 150 PLN
Duration: 55 mins

A dynamic manual therapy of the spine, that lcorrects the setting of the vertebra, joints and pelvis. The Breus massage is a gentle massage that allows to reach deep and parapinal muscles, slightly extends the spine restoring its elasticity.

Price: 100 PLN
Duration: 25 mins

A short massage of the deep muscle structures followed by spine or joints adjusting. It is a natural way to relieve the suffering of one man by the hands on other.

Kinesio - Taping

Feet reflex zone therapy (acupressure)

Price: from 55 to 95 PLN
Duration: Application

A therapeutic method consisting of sticking to the selected body parts special slices. Used in a specially prepared patch with high flexibility, they don‛t limit ones movements extending only in length, with a weight and thickness similar to skin parametes - does not include drugs or latex.

Price: 80 PLN
Duration: 20 mins

A therapeutic massage of the reflex zones, also the receptors located on the feets, hands or ears. Although reflex zone therapy addresses these areas, the most effective is the feet therapy. The treatment stimulates points named reflexes, that have a direct link with the internal organs and other parts of the body. The massage is intended to improve cooperation between the various body parts and their functions, where by the ultimate goal is to achieve the best physical and mental form.


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