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The massage - a relaxing and healing treatment. It loosens the tense of muscles and calms the nerves. It stimulates the happiness hormone that makes you feel relaxed and satisfied. Used already in antiquity.

Lymph drainage (also called the lymph massage) - one of the most effective methods in treating lymph swellings, and fighting of cellulite. It facilitates the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system, which reduces the formation of cellulite. The treatment is specially recommended for people who want to make their skin firm, remove toxins and fight off cellulite.

Shoulder acupressure - a healing method that is based on the mechanical stimulation by massaging, kneading the respective points on the body. This massage is mostly carried out using the thumb, index finger or with a rod. The treatment comes of from acupuncture.

Head acupressure
(point massage) - it involves the patency of energy channels through the usage of various forms of compression of the pints in order to obtain therapeutic prophylactic effects.

- wamrs up and loosens the muscles, perfectly prepares for the upcomming massage, additionally it erases inflammations, during little sunlight improves mood.

Joints mobilization - a treatment with the usage of the patients own power. It uses different types of muscle tension. The aim is to rejuvenate blocked joints and to reduce the pain.

Mud wrap - the therapeutic mud, since used as a warm wrap perfectly prepares for massages, containing in addition caluable trace elements and hormones which penetrate through the skin into the body accelerating its regeneration. In some cases, the mud may also be used as a cold compress.
Except for radon, Świeradów Zdrój is also known for its therapeutic mud what connects with the mountain climate.

Individual gymnastics - a specially selected exercise customized to the age and health. The guests receive also a specially blended set of exercises and tips for home, and learn the proper execution with the help of the therapist.

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