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Kamień Pomorski

Kamień Pomorski - 20 km

A small town located on the coast of the Kamień Bay, 8 km away from the Baltic Sea. Famous for the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of Poland‛s official national Historic Monuments.

Wolin Gate and Piast Tower with remnants of medieval city walls

The XIV century Wolin Gate and the Tower built around 1308 together with the city walls. The tower is nowaday home to the Museum of Stones - one of two in Poland! - that houses a collection of interesting minerals, stones, fossils and a exhibit of extra-terrestrial origin dinosaur bones. The museum situated in the Wolin Gate offers also an excellent view over the Kamien Bay and the medieval town.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

A roman-gothic Basilica dated between the XII and XIII century. The indoor prevails in baroque style with the 2500 pipe and 47 tone organs built in 1667-1672. You can enjoy their rich tone during the annual Organ Music Festival that is being held every year in June and August, since its inauguration in June 1964. During those three months you can enjoy not only solists and choirs but also world-famous musicians from all over the world, thanks to the good acoustics.

Town Hall

The gothic-renaisance Town Hall from the XIV century, painstakingly rebuilt from the post-war devastations.

Bishops Palace

A late gothic court of the Bishop Curia located in the neighbourhood of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. According to documents it served as the seat of the bishop curia between the XIV and XVII century. Built in the second half of the XV century in place of the older bishop curia court. In 1568 thoroughly restructured in renaissance style.

St. Nicolas Church

The church - first mentioned in 1335 - was built on an ancient burial ground. After the Reformation the church was Protestant with the tower added in the 1600s. After World War II there were plans to make it into a local musem, however it became a Catholic Church in 1994.

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