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Rewal - 9 km

Located in the western part of the coast of West Pomerania, in the central part of the Trzebiatowskie coast. First signs about Rewal come from 1434. Since 1 Juli 1896 through Rewal goes the first, western railway of the Gryfice narrow-gauge railway which connects Gryfice and Niechorze. On the 1 of Mai 1913 Rewal got another connection with Trzebiatów.

Viewing terrace

The viewing terrace is located on a high, cliffy coast. Its an ideal place for waves and horizon observing - be it in the day or till the sunrise and sunset - in the morning or during nightfall. It creates also great opportunities to take unforgettable photos of the Baltic Sea during various weather.

In-Love alley

The alley is located along the Baltic Sea and leads toward the neighboring observation terrace. The most interesting part of the alley are the avenue benches of Romeo and Juliet and of the Little Prince and Rose.

Rose alley

An extraordinary place located nearby to the In-Love alley. The Rose alley, a wonderful and charming place, where you may find up to 148 species of different roses.


One of the attractions of Rewal is the possibility of watching how fishermen work. Here you can see the fishermen base with picturesque fishing cutters. After the boats get back from fishing you can buy fresh fish or even - if the fishing was successful - listen to the stories about the sea from the people who experienced them on their own.

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