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The narrow-gauge railway

Enjoy the narrow-gauge railway that runs through Gryfice, Trzę™sacz, Rewal and Niechorze. Be it organized groups, a small family or just you - enjoy the steam locomotive and savour the tour.

In Gryfice you may also find the narrow-gauge railway museum with a huge collection of old steam locomotives.

The Turquoise lake

Turquoise lake, also called the Emerald lake is ranked as one of the most beautiful lakes of Woliń„ski National Park, located on island Wolin in Wapnica.

Its name comes from its turquoise color thats unique attracting thanks to that flocks of tourists. The fabulous colour is a effect of the sun rays reflected on the water rich in calcium and from the white bottom that remained after a chalk opencast mine operating in the fourties of the nineteen century.

The lake is surrounded with many hills covered with forests and the Mediterranean flora. On Piaskowa mountain there is a vantage point that offers a scenic view over the beautiful lake.

The Gosań Hill

One of the most attractive places in Mię™dzyzdroje. The Gosań„ Hill (95 m above the sea level) the highest hill of the Polish seaside and an viewing area of great scenic beauty. Although getting on top of it is not difficult, it still requires some effort. But it is worth to do it to enjoy a beautiful and picturesque view of the Pomeranian Gulf.

The Bison reserve

An area of ca. 28 ha with bisons along with wild boars, roe deers and white tailed eagles established in 1976. At present most animals have been born in this place - due to the poor beach and forests nutritional potential bisons must be breed in an closed area.

Gulf and Sea cruising

The Dziwnów port, 7 km away from Pobierowo offers Kamień„ski Lagoon or sea cruises on a pirate ship. Get onboard and set off on a cruise in summer with a regular cruise run or in winter with an organized group. The lagoon cruise between Dziwnów and Kamień„ Pomorski takes around 40 minutes and ensures the comeback trip with the same or a later run. They also offer sea cruises on the “Corsair” ship that takes around 2,5 hours.

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