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Świnoujście - 52 km

The land of 44 islands of which the main are Uznam, Wolin and Karsibór. It possess one of the widest beaches where many events are being held. Still the ferry crossing - especially in summer - may require much effort and can take some time.

The King Jesus Christ church

Built in 1788-1792 in place of an gothic building on the Kościelny square.

King Hall

The former Town Hall, the oldest building in town, projected in 1792 and built in 1804-1806. Today it houses the Museum of the Deep Sea Fishing exhibition, including the history of sea fishing, sea animals, the town and its region as well as old navigation equipment.

The highest Baltic lighthouse

An active, 65 m high lighthouse. Its the fifteenth tallest "traditional lighthouse" in the world, as well as the tallest brick lighthouse, and the tallest lighthouse in Poland. Located on the east bank of the river Świna, just inside the entrance. The first lighthouse was built in 1828, but the current one is from 1857. The base of the tower is octagonal with a gallery. The tower itself is round with a second gallery and a lantern. In clear weather the view from the top gallery is about 45 kilometres.

Stawa Mill

One of the better known symbols of Świnoujście. Its image can be found in almost every brochure. Those who would like to see it from near should prepare for an unforgettable sight, since it is located in a very picturesque place.


It runs throughout the lenght of the seaside district of Świnoujście, a pictoresque promenade which links tradition and modernity. One of the bigest attractions of the city where you can watch not only night life and street performances, but also historical hotels decorated in Art Nouveau style. Everyone will find something for themselves: beautifully situated bike paths among the green benches, souvenir shops and fantastic amber jewelery. But above all, just enjoy the walk along the promenade leading to the surrounding forests and almost to the Polish-German border. The promenade also leads directly to the beach in several places.

Fort 'Gerhard' - Eastern Battery

The work on the Eastern Battery (Fort Gerhard) began in 1856 situated on the right bank of the Swine close to the lighthouse, the entire site was long covered with bushes and trees. It was leased by an enthusiastic 'Fortress commander' who wanted to restore it as an attraction to open it to the public in 2001.

Karsiborska Kępa

Consisting of 3 islands in the Świna river delta with Karsiborska Kępa being the most important area used by the population of Acrocephalus Paludicola. The extensive grazing on Karsiborska Kępa has created and preserved a halophytic plant community, a type of habitat which is rare in the rest of Poland.

Spa Park

An historical park on the eastern edge of the Uznam island. Founded in the fourth quarter of the XVIII century, greatly extended in the first half of the XIX century.

Church of St. Mary Star of the Sea

A neo-gothic church from the XIX century, located on the Uznam island.

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