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Niechorze - 12 km

In the beginning, Niechorze was a typical fishing village. Its development began only in the 19th century, and the real boom took place in 1870. In the decay of the 19th century there were 700 tourists registered in Niechorze, and on 1 July 1896 a narrow-gauge railway connecting Niechorze with Gryfice was opened there. Seventeen years later the line was extended to Trzebiatów and Pogorzelica and the next narrow-gauge railway station was built. It was oryginally composed of two villages: Small Niechorze and Big Niechorze.


Located at the edge of a steep cliff, with a height of 20 metres. Its base is a 13 metre high square-shaped building, on both sides of the tower. The light glare from the lighthouse can be seen 36 km away due to the 100W light bulb which is enhaced by 20 prismal crystals. It is the most beautiful lighthouse on the Polish Seaside. From the terrace you have an enjoyable and beautiful view at Niechorze, Rewal, Liwia Łuża and the seaside with its endless sea. The best look on the lighthouse is from the inland, and it is visible from several kilometers with its light in the night. At the entrance theres also an 60 year old garden with an 2 m high hedge and steep stairs leading toward the beach. The whole complex has been recognized as a National Culture Monument and recorded in a list of Szczecin District vintage buildings under No. A-1350 due to its unique structure, functions, preservation of original mass, layout and details referring to medieval architecture and preservation of nearby buildings with a garden.

  • Height 45 m
  • Light height 62.8 m above sea level
  • Light scope – 2-mm (37 km)
  • Light characteristics – B (10s)
  • Geographical situation - wide 54o05‛47‛‛N length 15o04‛57‛‛E


Museum of Fishery

The exhibition presented in this museum demonstrates the specificity of the profession of a fisherman, who uses his work in several tools, ancillary equipment. During summer holidays you can permanent view the exhibitions: Aquarium - "Life of a coral reef" and "Nature of the Baltic Coast".

Liwia Łuża

About 300 meters from the beach, located partly in Niechorze, partly in Pogorzelica. The lake combines with the sea through a plum - a channel being a natural border between Niechorze and Pogorzelica - a reservoir with an area of 22 ha. The lake is also a bird reserve.


With a little luck you may meet seals at our Baltic Sea. It is most likely to meet them near the observation deck in Rewal and near the lighthouse in Niechorze. But remember, do not disturb their peace!

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