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Trzęsacz - 5 km

A magical place recognized as one of the most important symbols of the West Seaside. The oldest mention of the town comes from 1331. In the city located are the ruins of the gothic church built in the town centre at the turn of the XIV and XV century, about 2 km away from the seaside.

Church Ruins

One of the most fascinating places on the Polish coast. At the seaside village there stands the last wall of a church - an European category monument. The bricked gothic church was raised on the highest hill around 1800 m away from the coastal line and for hundreds of years was getting closer and closer to the Baltic Sea. In 1750 the cliff was just 50 m away from the building and only 5 m in 1850. In 1874 the church was closed, and in 1901 as the whole north wall collapsed, it got into the sea. At present on the cliff there remains only the southern wall. According to folk tales from the church in Trzę™sacz had been the third Christian church at Pomerania.

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