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Międzyzdroje - 34 km

Called The Pearl of the Baltic. Situated between wide sandy beaches with high cliffs and the forests of the Woliński National Park. The city possess a spa climate and is rich in tourist services.

Woliński National Park

One of 23 National Parks in Poland, located at the mouth of Oder river in Wolin. It was established in 1960 on the area of 4844 ha, and extended in 1996 by incorporating 1 nautical mile broad belt of Baltic coastal waters in the north and delta of Swina river and by that, it made it the first maritime park in Poland. Today the park covers a total area of 10 937 ha, of which forests covering 4530 ha. 6 forest communities of a total area of 165 ha are under strict protection.

Avenue of Stars

Every year in June Polish movie and theater stars gather there during the Festival of Stars. Their presence is commemorated by palm prints on the sidewalk of the Avenue of Stars, as well as statues of prominent actors.

Wax Museum in Międzyzdroje

One of the biggest museum in Poland. It houses over 100 wax figures of pop, sport and film stars as well as other famous people.

Church of St. Peter the Apostle

A neo-gothic church, built in 1862 after a project of a famous architect F.F.Stüler and the king of Prussia - Fryderyk Wilhelm IV. The king was also its main founder. Build on quadrilateral plane with a tower in the north-west corner with three bells from 1920 on top of it.


A hill, located  in the eastern part of the city, and a very romantic walk route with a stairway toward an gorgeous beach. On the top located, are two boulders that commemorate forester conventions. From the top also, you may have an pictoresque view at the whole sea part of Międzydroje and the molo.


A fascinating expedition deep into the ocean. Here you can visit not only theme exhibitions of fishes, but also of reptiles and mammals. There are about 20 containers with colourful content, the arrangement but also their inhabitants.

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